Reflections on data protection, business and the GDPR

1 June 2017 | 9:01am

Following talks on data protection and the GDPR by Advocates Vicky Milner and Davida Blackmore of Callington Chambers in 2017 "Reflections on data protection, business and the GDPR" summarises a few of the matters discussed in those presentations.  


Data protection and the management of data are subjects which affect all of us, every single day.  This is as true of businesses (as data controllers and data processors) as it is of members of the public, whose data is being captured and processed around the clock.


The note provides an overview, from the perspective of the Bailiwick of Jersey, and is divided into three sections:

- Introduction: why we should care

- Data protection law: its purpose and history

- Changes to data protection law: the GDPR


This note does not go into detail about the requirements of the GDPR.  We will continue to publish information about data protection law, including the GDPR, on this website.


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