Jersey Employment Law Key Information Summary

22 January 2018 | 3:16pm

Introduction: This page briefly sets out key information about Jersey employment law as at the date shown above. 


Minimum Wage; statutory redundancy pay



Gross amount


Minimum Wage


With effect from 01.04.17

Statutory redundancy pay

cap on “week’s pay”


With effect from June 2017


Qualifying periods



Qualifying period



No qualifying period

Protection is automatic, from day 1 of   employment. (Race discrimination legislation in force from 01.09.14; sex   discrimination legislation in force from 01.09.15; age discrimination legislation in force from 01.09.16.)

Statutory redundancy pay

2 years


Unfair dismissal

1 year


No qualifying period for protection from automatically   unfair dismissal.


Key primary legislation

- Employment (Jersey) Law 2003

- Employment Relations (Jersey) Law 2007

- Discrimination (Jersey) Law 2013


See the following website for legislation, cases and other information:


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