JCOA Seminar 08.03.17 - Data Protection & the GDPR

8 March 2017 | 3:23pm

Click here for the slides for Advocate Vicky Milner's JCOA Seminar of 8 March 2017 entitled: "Data Protection & the GDPR: what does it mean for Jersey?"

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GDPR: new data protection requirements and opportunities

9 November 2016 | 6:50pm

At a conference on 4 November 2016 entitled “GDPR – What does it mean for Jersey?” the Island’s authorities confirmed that Jersey will implement equivalent local legislation to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) by May 2018.

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Vicky Milner retains top tier ranking in Chambers UK 2017

3 November 2016 | 2:33pm

Chambers & Partners, a leading legal directory, has today released its 2017 rankings.  Advocate Vicky Milner has retained her top tier ranking in the Jersey employment law section. 

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Changes to Employment Law and Minimum Wage

29 October 2016 | 1:06pm

2017 will see changes to Jersey's minimum wage law and the Employment (Jersey) Law 2003 coming into effect.

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Uber drivers are "workers"

28 October 2016 | 3:03pm

On 28 October 2016 the Uber judgment was published - and it is indeed a judgment of uber importance when it comes to new trends in business and the "gig economy".  Click here for the full judgment.  The effect is that Uber drivers are now classified as "workers" (but not "employees") for the purposes of UK law, giving them a range of rights including: paid annual leave, a maximum 48 hour working week and the minimum wage.  Appeals are expected.

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Disciplinary procedures of local charity found wanting

28 October 2016 | 2:41pm

In October 2016 the Jersey Employment and Discrimination Tribunal (the “Tribunal”) published its decision in the case of Price v Jersey Women’s Refuge (the “Refuge”).  We've summarised the decision below and set out some key points for managers.

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Co-workers ordered to pay compensation to discrimination victim

23 September 2016 | 4:48pm

The Jersey Employment and Discrimination Tribunal (the “Tribunal”) has now published its first decision under the Discrimination (Jersey) Law 2013 (the “Discrimination Law”) in relation to employment and sexual orientation.  The 2016 case of Flanagan v Island Greetings Ltd & Others involved a range of complaints, including victimisation and harassment, brought by a gay former shop-worker.  In addition to findings against the employer, complaints of harassment against two co-workers were held “well-founded”, leading to orders that each of the co-workers personally pay compensation for causing hurt and distress. 

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Zero hours contracts: Minister's response

30 August 2016 | 8:58am

Use of zero hours contracts remains a hot topic, following changes in the Jersey law position from 1 September 2015.  On 24 August 2016 the Minister for Social Security published her response to the Scrutiny Panel’s recent review.  Both in the foreword and within the detail of the document the Minister emphasises: “…that zero-hour contracts are positive in many circumstances and that flexibility is a key benefit for many employers and employees.”

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Top 5 Tips for Contracts

5 July 2016 | 12:12pm

See http://startup.je/contracts/ for Vicky Milner's Top 5 Tips for Contracts. 

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